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Do you have clothes in your wardrobe you don’t wear anymore but are too valuable to throw away? Ever dreamed about having your own clothing store? Or are you tired of fast fashion? Try Dresscue. 


Sell your pre-loved clothing by renting a rack at Dresscue. “Rent-a-rack” is a great way to make space in your wardrobe, make some extra money and help the world be more sustainable.

Rack rent special

$169/ 2 weeks +

15% commission

Only reservations
starting in Jan 2023


(Normal price $198)

  1. Reserve your weeks through our online booking system. 

  2. Price your items and bring them to our store. 

  3. Tell your friends on social media and tag us

  4. Track your sales online. 

  5. Collect the cash and the remaining items at the end of your rental period. 


+ 15% commission 

Shop high quality second-hand clothing, shoes and bags without the guilt of spending too much or leaving a big carbon footprint behind. 


At Dresscue you can feel good about shopping for items with reasonable prices while minimizing your impact on the environment. 

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