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1. What is the minimum and maximum rental time? Two weeks minimum and maximum a month.

2. What pieces Should I sell? Good to excellent condition pieces, vintage, designer, ageless classics, clothes in trend. 

3. How much sellers have made so far? In average our sellers make $600 in two weeks but the best sellers have made up to 3k.

4. What if I want to extend my selling time? If you want extend the rental time, you just check the booking system schedule online if the rack is sill available to rent, or rent another rack for that time period. 


1. What is the size you carry? All varieties from XXS to plus sizes. It depends what sizes our vendors are bringing in.   

2. What designers do you carry? Everything from vintage to shopping mall shops (i.e. Zara)  to luxury (i.e. Prada). 

3. What is your price range? We carry things from as low as $10 up to $1000

4. Can I try things on? Yes! We have 3 comfy dressing rooms with a 5 item limit at a time. 

5. What is your return policy? Due the constantly rotating sellers, we are unable to accept any returns or exchanges 

6. Can I buy online? At this point we are only
selling in-person at the store or you can phone purchase if you see something on our social media you want to buy before it's gone.

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